Wet and Puffy Video – Red Sofa Love

Another fresh week and time to see and experience some brand new wet and puffy updates this week as well. We’ve got some pretty juicy stuff to show off in this one and as you can see it’s another juicy and hot video. Naturally with another new babe that gets to fuck herself on the couch. Anyway, you know that this is the best place to come and check out when you want to watch incredibly hot babes playing solo on camera and this video is no different here today. This wetandpuffy com video has the busty cutie fingering her pussy nastily for the whole duration and trust us when we say that it’s not a show that you’ll wand to miss out on for today!

The name of this little beauty is Neda and she knows how to put on a good strip show for you guys and gals to see as well, as she starts of with a pair of jeans and a white shirt first. But pretty soon she's all naked and eager to play for you and you just have to check her out playing with herself today. She even gets to use a pussy pump too. The teen was eager to get to play in every way she could here and she knew that she had your attention. So enjoy her little naughty show for the afternoon and then do yourselves a favor and check out the past scenes as well for quite the volume of other babes playing solo and being kinky too. We'll see you soon enough with more!

Wet and Puffy Video – Victorious Masturbation

Hey there guys and gals. Welcome back to wet and puffy once again for some more new scenes. As per usual we have more lovely ladies getting nasty for you and you will see that this week’s little lady is very very much into wearing sexy and slutty clothes as well. In the past you’ve seen babes in lingerie, but rarely one with an outright slutty outfit as her. Anyway, she’s here to also get to fuck herself on camera and you can have the privilege of seeing her first only here as she gets to use some nice toys to make herself have some pretty neat and powerful orgasms in this wetandpuffy com scene here. We bet you want to see it too already so let’s get the show on the road shall we?

The busty chick shows up in a pretty see through top and nothing else. No panties and no bra. Just that shirt. And it leaves little to the imagination as her perky tits are on display right from the start. See her removing it as she wants to fondle them to get herself even more excited and before you know it she’s already on the floor and ready to go with her rubber see through dildo here. Check her out spreading them sexy long legs and watch her moan louder and louder as she fucks ehrself harder and harder. And as we said, see her making herself orgasm by the end of it too. We’ll be seeing you again soon with some more updates!

Wet Anabelle

It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means, you get to check out a new wet and puffy scene here with another lovely cutie that gets kinky for you. Her name is Anabelle and much like the title says, this babe is always wet and down to party hard. You will see just how much more wet she can get too as she plays with herself today. She’s got her big comfy bed with rose motifs on the sheets to play on and you just have to check this one out without fail. Let those wetandpuffy com cameras roll as she fucks herself and moans loudly in pleasure for you to see. We guarantee that you’ll have more than plenty to check out here this week!


Those masterful fingers are hard at work right from the start as this lovely babe gets to undress and first order of business is showing off her perky all natural tits for you all too. Then more and more comes off util she’s fully nude and ready to get even naughtier. Moment at which she takes out her favorite wand dildo too. Let’s all sit back and enjoy the sight of her pressing it nice and tightly to her cunt and moan as it vibrates, then you can see her using it like a proper fuck toy to plow herself nice and deep with it too. Anabelle here was simply incredible and there will be even more juicy scenes to check out next week everyone!

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Sexy Nina Sunrise

It’s time for a brand new wet and puffy scene to be brought to you all this fine afternoon and as you can clearly see, we have one stunning beauty all ready to party hard once more for your viewing pleasure here. She’s none other than miss Nina Sunrise, the babe with dark red hair that likes to get superbly kinky and she gets to have tons and tons of fun with herself on camera today. She’s going to be making good use of her lovely expert hands to please herself in this wetandpuffy scene here and you are about to see it all unfold without delay today. So let’s get the show rolling as this is one scene that you just have to see without delay here today!

She seems to be working hard at her desk when the scene starts off and it looks like she’s just done with the paperwork for today’s work session. But now that she was done, she was quite tense and horny and she decided to let off some steam. So naturally, she locks the door to her office and starts to strip, showing you every single inch of her delicious petite and perky body from every angle possible. As she takes her seat on the desk, watch her as she gets to start teasing her pussy getting herself more and more wet with one and, and with the other you get to check her out fingering her nice round butt too. She’s amazing and we bet you’ll love her action session.


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Wet and Puffy – Barbe

Another fresh week and time to see another new wet and puffy update here. You know that this site is the best place to come and visit when you want to see solo beauties getting wild and kinky on camera and every single week there’s a brand new babe more or less fucking herself silly just for you. Today we get to watch the cute and horny babe Barbe as she gets to have her time to play naughty and you get to check her our in this simply stunning scene here. Let’s not get to waste time anymore and let’s just watch this hot blonde in some juicy action as she gets to dildo her sweet cunt in her very own wetandpuffy scene for the afternoon shall we?


We bet you’re quite eager to get to see the action unfold as well in this one and rest assured that it’s as great as you imagine it to be. She had her queen size bed all to herself and right as soon as the show begins, you can check her out as she gets to take off all of her clothes to show off her nude curves for a start. Then it’s right to the pleasing for her as you can see, because she was superbly horny and wanting to have some sweet fun. Check her out getting nasty and kinky today and enjoy the whole scene without delay everyone. We’ll see you all again soon with another new update and all you need to do is make sure that you drop by to check it out without delay!

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Sexy Eveline Neill

For this week’s wet and puffy scene we prepared for you a special little lady that’s very deserving of being here in these galleries of ours as she’s simply put a master at being a cock tease. The name of this beauty right here is Eveline Neill and she’s quite the beauty as you can see. Rest assured that she knows that fully well herself and she’s always ready and eager to get to play and show off. Let’s watch this pretty woman in her superbly hot and sexy show here at wetandpuffy and you’ll be able to check her out laying back and taking her time to have fun masturbating for your viewing pleasure in this superb little gallery.

She also knows just the right clothes to wear to impress as well and be sure that like all the ladies here, this beauty didn’t get to keep the said clothes on her for too long either. She strips down to her high heels and the only other thing that she seems to be sporting is a sexy black choker that makes her look superbly sexy. So take your time to watch the brunette babe as she lays back and starts fingering herself in all kinds of sexy positions for you to see today. You get to see her get nasty all over that leather couch and coffee table and there’s plenty to check out. See you really soon with another nice and juicy wet and puffy update and even more sensual ladies!


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Wet and Puffy Joleyn

Today it’s time to see a brand new wet and puffy scene with a brand new babe playing solo and her name is Joleyn. She’s a babe with long platinum blonde hair and you should know that she just adores getting kinky for the cameras too. Toady she’s here to show off her particular kink, which we think that is quite awesome and we bet that you will all agree once you get to see it. Of course it does involve her pleasing herself too, otherwise she wouldn’t be here. Anyway, the wetandpuffy scene has her using a dildo to fuck her pussy deep and you just have to check each and every single image out in her lovely scene here today!


The neat thing about this babe is that she just adores large toys and you can bet that she can never have enough of them either. So sit back, relax and watch her whip out a monstrous black dildo which she then starts to lube up and prepare for her sweet cunt. She’s then all ready to start pleasing herself and you get to see her spreading those long and sexy legs to help herself too. Just watch her moan as she goes in nice and deep with the toy today and you will be in for the show of a lifetime with her. We hope that she’ll be back in future scenes too, but until then, you’ll have to settle for this and what we bring you in the following weeks. See you then!

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Anna Rose’s Glass Dildo

Hey there again everyone. It’s time to get to check out another brand new and lovely brunette lady with a passion for sex and getting naughty and her name is Anna Rose. Today she got her hands on a brand new toy that she wants to show off and you get to see the whole thing. Anna Rose is a babe with long black hair, a very sexy body with petite curves and a lust for lingerie too. On top of that she wears glasses too and as you can see she looks quite stunningly cute and beautiful to say the least. Let’s just get right to this wetandpuffy action scene as we bet that you are all eager to see Anna fucking herself fast and hard with her new and hot toy today!

It looks like she’s going to be having fun in the living room on that black leather couch and you will get to watch her make quick work of her little sexy outfit, keeping on her just her glasses and thigh high stockings for that extra kink factor. Anyway, watch her spread her legs to show off her incredible pussy to you all and you can see her teasing herself as she rubs it passionately. Eventually she does pull out the glass dildo and you can see her taking her time to fuck herself nice and deep with it today. Enjoy seeing the babe moan in pleasure loudly as she does so and take your time to check it out fully. We’ll be back again soon with a new scene!


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Apolonia Gets Wet

Hey there guys and welcome to a new wet and puffy update. We have another Exotic beauty ready to show off today and her name is Apolonia. As you can clearly see, she’s one smoking hot and sensual Latina and she knows how to have some fun. Especially if it’s in front of the cameras too. So she’s going to have to play solo of course, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not going to have some good times today. Sit back and check out this brand new gallery update featuring this smoking hot and sensual wetandpuffy Latina babe here as she gets to use some nice and big toys on her sweet pussy to fuck herself fast and hard. We bet you’ll love it!


As the show begins, you get to see the cute and sexy Apolonia as she makes her entry of course and she’s quite horny and eager to get to play herself as you can clearly see. She does the usual strip to show off her amazing body for you and the cameras first and foremost and then gets right down to business as she pulls out that nice and huge purple dildo. Watch her take to playing with herself on the floor and see her spreading her nice and sexy long legs so that she has an easier time plowing her pussy and ass today. We’ll be taking our leave for now, but you can expect to see much more action in next week’s scene as well. So we’ll see you then everyone!

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Wet and Puffy – Lexie

Wet and puffy is here with a brand new update for you and we have more lovely babes all ready to get down and dirty for your viewing pleasure today just as always. And in this scene we want to introduce you to the lovely miss Lexie, a babe with long jet black hair that loves to toy with herself whenever she’s bored as it always brings her the much needed excitement that she wants. So let’s not waste time and check out this lovely and sexy babe in her own solo wetandpuffy scene here and you can enjoy the sight of her having fun fucking herself nicely for the afternoon. And we can promise that it’s quite the show to see too with this one!

Well as soon as the scene starts you can see that she’s in her dining room and she has a nice red dildo with her. She intends to put that sex toy to some good use this afternoon on her cunt and she intends to make sure that you get to see every single image of her doing so. Check her out stripping from her little outfit to reveal her gorgeous body curves and as she takes her seat on the chair, watch her pull out her sex toy. Enjoy the view of Alexis as she gets to moan in pleasure while she fucks herself nice and deep with the dildo and have fun with her scene. We’ll bring you more exciting content next week so make sure that you check out next week’s gallery!


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