Wet and Puffy Carol

Another fresh week and time for us to check out more amazing ladies in wet and puffy action. This time we want to show off another cute and sexy blonde by the name of Carol. She has long flowing blonde hair and she looks incredibly hot naked too. This cutie is a business woman and when you are in her line of work…Well stress builds up easily. Not to worry, as Carol has the perfect ways to get rid of such things with ease. One of them is of course her slutty little expert hands and the other is her egg shaped vibrator. She manages to put both of them to some incredibly good use every time she needs relaxing and today’s gallery shows off plenty of that!


Naughty and horny miss Carol was in quite the need to blow off some steam, and that’s how her scene here came to be. Well she enters the scene all naked as you will observe as she’s a very straightforward woman with confidence in her superb naked curves too. She should be as she looks incredible and we bet that she has a long tail of pretenders going around after her. Anyway, see her warm up with her hands as she teases her cunt and then you can see her finally put the toy to some good use. You get to watch her inserting it in that sweet and eager pussy and moan as it stimulates her continuously for the rest of this hot and sexy scene!

See nasty Carol trying out her egg shaped vibrator!